Training Solutions

ICAP Training Solutions in Greece, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria represent Huthwaite International, one of the world’s leading training companies specializing in Sales and Customer relations management. Special Huthwaite training programs, widely known as powerful boosters of a company’s sales force and marketing people capacity, include:

Account Strategy for Major Sales
Aiming at individuals and/or teams that need the right mix of skills, processes and tools to win more opportunities, the program covers topics such as Account Entry Strategy, Decision Criteria, Competitive Analysis and Customer Concerns about risk.

An interactive skill-building workshop that looks at how skilled negotiators prepare and plan for major negotiations, through topics such as: closing sustainable deals, avoiding simple concessions, saving money in a strategic purchase.

Receivables Management
Designed to help professionals improve their communication and negotiation skills that allows an appropriate workflow, this program is ideal for professionals who manage receivables. Topics covered include Receivables Workflow, Receivables Call Content Analysis and Behavioral Skills building.

PITCH Maximizing Telesales
Designed for winning new client business on telephone, this program has led companies record a 150% month on month increase in new client acquisition, and a 20% increase in the sale of additional products. Ideal for Outbound / Inbound Sales Field, and other less complex sales fields.

Effective Coaching Skills
Interactive skill-building workshop that creates lasting and measurable changes. The program covers topics such as Coaching, Management and Mentoring, Diagnosing poor performance, Coaching behaviors, Persuasion Styles and Feedback Sessions.

The SPIN® Selling is the world’s most widely-used and successful model for consultative sales. The SPIN® Suite is the next step forward in the provision of a total solution built around that Huthwaite best practice.

  • SPIN® Selling, the heart of the SPIN® Suite, and indeed the heart of the global consultative selling revolution.
  • SPIN® Coaching, the supercharger in a SPIN® Suite implementation.
  • SPIN® Marketing, the thread that ties your individual interactions and your wider messages together.

Persuasive Sales Presentations
Ideal for every professional involved in presentations, the course covers topics such as Structuring, Techniques to Engage Audience, Communication Techniques, Body Language - Handling of difficult audience, Preparation of Presentations.

Other specialized programs
Utilizing our long experience and knowledge of the local market, we identified the need of some greatly specialized but highly effective training programs that help companies achieve results in today’s challenges. Such programs include:

  • Receivables Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Market Access in the pharmaceutical market