Who we are

ICAP is the largest B2B Services Provider in Greece, with offices in five cities. In addition, the Group is expanding dynamically in the Southeastern Europe Region, having already strong subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Cyprus.

As of the beginning of 2007, ICAP strong majority shareholder is the SEEF fund of Global Finance, the largest private equity firm in Southeastern Europe, while Coface, one of the world's largest Credit Insurers and Business Information providers, is its minority shareholder.

ICAP is rapidly developing into a multidisciplinary service provider and its Vision is to be the most successful Business Services group in Southeastern Europe and its clients’ top choice, providing innovative solutions and diversification. Our mission is embodied through the words “Your Business Partner” which mark our corporate communication.

Our values are as follows:

We focus on our clients

  • We focus on satisfying our clients and work hard to exceed their expectations from us
  • We predict changes and respond rapidly to our clients
  • We act on business ethics and build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

We are effective

  • We focus on results
  • We set and achieve ambitious goals
  • We act dynamically and quickly, leveraging every business opportunity

We convert knowledge to value

  • We capitalize on our long-accumulated knowledge and continue building on it
  • We preserve and share our knowledge, thus add value to our clients
  • We have access to knowledge and know-how and use modern and flexible systems

We innovate

  • We encourage new ideas
  • We undertake initiatives and nurture educated risk taking
  • We embrace novelty

We care about our people and the society

  • We live by our values and become an example to follow
  • We respect and help our people to develop and excel
  • We celebrate our successes and reward our people
  • We are ecologically conscious and contribute to the good of our society
  • We act as responsible citizens by taking several actions to help people in need and protect the environment