Payroll Services

ICAP Employment Solutions fully undertakes to efficiently and effectively calculate and carry out the payroll processes of your organization, offering compliance to the labor law, confidentiality, accuracy of results and cost control.

Experienced consultants are dedicated to each project, undertaking full responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations and the compliance with the legal authorities.

Through the outsourcing of payroll, the cost of this function is controlled accurately and is reduced, since ICAP Employment Solutions undertakes the updated of the IT infrastructure and continuous training of personnel on labor law issues.

ICAP Employment Solution monitors, records and controls the working hours of each employee, providing the following services:

Payroll Calculation
  • The working hours of each employee are recorded every month on a timesheet, which is approved by our client
  • Regular audits are conducted by our consultants, ensuring the accuracy of the payroll procedure
  • Payment of the personnel is deposited on the desired and predetermined, by our client, date
  • Employee expenses are monitored and approved by both our consultants and our client
  • Monitoring and recordkeeping of employees’ leave (annual, maternity, sick, unpaid, etc.)
  • Submitting overtime declarations to labor authorities and including them in the payroll records
  • Electronic payslips are sent to employees on a monthly basis
Reporting and Forecasting
  • Invoices are issued on a monthly basis, referring to the services rendered within the specific month. They are accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the cost of services provided, facilitating cost control
  • Analytical periodical declarations are prepared and submitted to the social security authorities
  • Reports are produced based on the needs of each client